SoccerBible: How Joe Ledley Achieved Euro-Form

Jul 6, 2016

We built Joe Ledley a custom BodyShield Leg Sleeve to get him in battle-form 35 days after breaking his fibula. Against all odds, the robust midfielder played a pivotal role in helping Wales reach the Semi Finals. As a small brand from Brooklyn, this was truly a story of two underdogs working together. Read about his beastmode recovery, courtesy of SoccerBible


When Joe Ledley fractured his leg playing for Crystal Palace against Stoke City on May 7 his dream of playing for Wales at the European Championships was smashed into pieces. Against all odds, the robust midfielder was fit enough to play a part in his nation's Euro opener and has played a pivotal role in helping Wales reach the Semi Finals.

Ledley's incredible recovery has been the result of immense mental strength, a top physiotherapy course and with the help of Brooklyn-based sportswear company Storelli. As Ledley upped his rehab, Wales trainer Sean Connelly called upon Storelli Head of Design Tom Marchesi to make a special BodyShield Leg Sleeve for Ledley, which was delivered in time for the first game vs. Slovakia. Two months on from that devastating leg break, Ledley will line-up against Portugal in Lyon to battle for a place in the Euro 2016 final. An unimaginable achievement at the time of the injury.

Ledley openly admitted that he never thought he'd be playing at the Euros and that the staff had all but written him off. That's when Connelly sought the help of protection specialists Storelli. "Ledley's road to recovery was aggressive but achievable with Storelli BodyShield, a technical apparel solution that keeps his fibula protected without hindering performance. Physiotherapists directed me to Storelli, a new sports technology company that is the first dedicated exclusively to football protection. Tom Marchesi, head of design, offered to build a custom BodyShield piece for Ledley.”

The fairytale ending would be for Ledley and Wales to make history by lifting the trophy in the Stade de France at the end of the week. Whether he does that or not, he'll still be returning to Cardiff next week a hero, a legend, a warrior and undeniably cool as f... Ledley's story is an inspiring one of courage and character, just like the one of his country.


This brave Welshman and his team ended up kicking it all the way to the Semi-Finals of the Euros. An incredible feat. We are humbled to have played a small role in Joe's recovery and performance. 

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