Why Serious Players Use Storelli Soccer Gear

May 23, 2023

In the past few years, soccer players were at risk of being injured just over one time each season. It’s likely a soccer player who isn’t using the right soccer protection will sustain at least one injury a year, many of which are preventable. The average recovery time per injury was over fifteen days. For professional soccer players, every 1000 hours of play means they experience anywhere between four and thirty-five injuries.

Soccer isn’t necessarily safe from injury, but the risks can be controlled by using soccer protective gear. There are many reasons to wear soccer protection, but here are five main reasons Storelli is so appreciated by its players.

1. Concussion prevention

The main sports-related deaths are due to brain injury, i.e., concussion or impact. While it’s unlikely to prevent all head impacts in a game of soccer, some measures can be taken to reduce the risks. Storelli offers protective headgear to help absorb the impact when the ball, the ground, or another player comes in contact with the head. As one of the most dangerous injuries to sustain, it’s crucial to wear the gear that will provide the most protection.

Lowering the risks of concussion leads to healthier players that don’t have to take time off from playing. They also won’t have to worry as much about their head during the game if they’re wearing protective headgear.

2. Ensure a lasting career

When soccer players realize they’ve found the sport that makes them happy, keeps them healthy, and gives them drive, it’s amazing, especially when players want to make a career out of the game. However, one injury can quickly end that possibility. That’s why Storelli makes soccer protective gear so players can play the game uninhibited, with additional safety and support.

The goal of soccer protection isn’t just to keep the player safe while practicing or playing; it’s to ensure their bodies can sustain that level of athleticism as long as it's needed. Soccer protection ranges from shin pads to headgear with options available for everything in between.

3. Encourage young players

When a child gets into a sport, it can be easy to be turned away from it. Many children go through a few sports until they find one they want to stick with. This is a result of self-confidence, performance, and injuries. Soccer protective gear impacts each of these factors.

If a youth player is injured, if they don’t feel comfortable playing the sport, or if they feel they aren’t playing it well, they might want to try something else. Youth soccer protection gives them the support, security, and comfort to play their best every time they’re on the field and leave themselves the opportunity to improve and continue with a positive attitude.

4. Reduce overload symptoms

Overload happens when the muscles, joints, and ligaments are working so hard for a long time they eventually give out and become much more susceptible to injury. Storelli soccer protective gear is more than just padding for impact absorption. 

The gear includes technology to reduce overload symptoms. For example, compression shorts help with energy, dynamic movement, blood flow, and lactic acid. While exercising, the gear helps the body perform so the workout’s effects aren’t debilitating afterward.

5. Focus on women’s protective gear

Instead of creating products for men, shrinking them, and then marketing them toward women, Storelli creates soccer protective gear specifically for women and how they play. Women and men not only have different biology, but they also have different play styles, so the gear must conform to the player wearing it.

Providing women’s soccer protective gear allows them to feel the same comfort men feel on the pitch with the same perks of support, performance, and security. How play styles differ means the right soccer gear is essential for each player to be safe.

Want to browse Storelli’s products and create your best soccer protection collection? Look at men’s products here and women’s products here.
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