3 Types of Soccer Tops All Goalkeepers Should Know About

May 27, 2022

Jerseys aren’t the only option soccer goalies have when choosing body wear. There are at least three types of “tops” goalkeepers can choose from, which we carry. We will discuss three goalie tops that offer performance and protective advantages you might not find in other types of soccer goalie jerseys. This post will look at these three types of tops and their benefits. 

Armored Undershirt

A black padded storelli undershirt for soccer goalies

An armored undershirt may sound like a clunky piece of clothing that feels burdensome. But it’s not. These undershirts contain lightweight yet strong material that any soccer goalie can benefit from. They’re flexible and feel light on the body, yet their padding offers heavy-duty protection from hard shots and impacts. Ideally, an armored undershirt should protect the whole torso. 

Our BodyShield GK 3/4 undershirt offers this type of protection. It contains XRD® Extreme Impact Protection pads on the chest, elbows, shoulders, and ribs. The padding helps prevent bruises, cuts, and contusions in an ergonomic design that allows maximum agility and mobility.

Our BodyShield GK 3/4 contains moisture-wicking fabric that helps keep players cool and dry when they sweat. They also provide UV protection and antibacterial treatment to prevent odors. 

Women’s Specific-Armored Undershirt 

A black padded storelli undershirt for women soccer goalkeepers.


Protective soccer for women goalkeepers can be notoriously hard to find. Aside from the head and legs, female keepers should protect the torso since it is susceptible to hard shots and impacts. An armored undershirt for women is an excellent alternative to the typical soccer goalie jersey that many women opt for. 

Ideally, it should contain impact-protecting materials to shield the torso from blows, especially the ribs. It should also include anti-abrasion fabrics to protect the arms and shoulders from turf burn injuries. 

Our BodyShield GK 3/4 undershirt, designed specifically for women, checks off all the boxes. It features the XRD® Extreme Impact Protection of the armored undershirt featured above, offering protection against bruises, cuts, and contusions. It features a minimalist construction that houses protective padding for vulnerable areas such as the elbows and shoulders. It also contains anti-abrasion fabrics that protect the skin against turf-burn injuries. 

Lastly, you will find that it contains additional comforts such as moisture-wicking ability, UV resistance, and an anti-bacterial treatment to fight odors.

Regular Soccer Jersey

An orange storelli soccer goalie jersey

Soccer goalie jerseys remain the standard choice for most goalkeepers. They are affordable and comfortable. But goalkeepers should choose soccer goalie jerseys that give them an edge on the pitch. Ideally, that means choosing a jersey that offers maximum comfort and even injury protection. 

Our ExoShield jerseys offer a unique blend of attributes that keep you comfortable on the pitch and reduce injury risks. They contain ergonomic XRD® Extreme Impact Protection on the elbows to cushion blows and falls. Like other products that feature this padding, the protective material in this jersey can absorb up to 90% of impact forces. 

We also designed our jersey to help you move without feeling restricted in movement. It contains antibacterial properties to reduce odors and sweat-wicking ability to help you stay cool and dry.  

The Best Soccer Tops for Top Performance 

When searching for soccer goalie jerseys, look beyond the basics of size, color, and price. The right choice of goalkeeper tops can maximize your comfort, protect you from injury and help you play undistracted. Ultimately, you can lock in and unleash the performance you’re truly capable of. 

Need help finding the right soccer goalie top? Browse through our selection of goalie tops, including undershirts and jerseys. 

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