Head-to-Toe Buyers' Guide for Female Soccer Players

Sep 16, 2022

Girls and young women who play soccer have some additional risk factors they need to consider that largely involve their safety and injury risk. Fortunately, with the right soccer protective gear, young women can cut their injury risks down and unleash their inner beast on the pitch. This post will serve as a buyer's guide for girls and young women (and their parents) to choose the right gear from their heads down to their feet. 

ExoShield soccer concussion headgear

The ExoShield headguard is the answer to reducing brain injury risks among female soccer players. The only ASTM-certified headguard of its kind, the ExoShield has demonstrated the ability to reduce concussion risks by 84% in lab studies

It contains military-grade foam and impact protection that absorbs the shock of headers and player collisions. Unlike other soccer headguards, the ExoShield comes in a sleek, minimalist "headband" design that fits the head neatly without looking clunky. 

Women's BodyShield armored crop top

Chest injuries can pose themselves as a nagging injury for women. But wearing an armored crop top can almost eliminate these injuries. 

Our BodyShield crop top contains 3mm of patented XRD® extreme impact padding along the ribs. These pads can absorb 90% of impact forces, rendering blows to the chest far less damaging or painful. They also contain abrasion-resistant panels that can prevent turf burn injuries

BodyShield arm guards

Blows to the elbows and forearms can often happen in one of two ways: 1) hard impacts from shots or collisions, 2) sliding on grass or artificial turf. Conversely, these "hits" can result in either bruising and sprains or a nasty turf burn injury. 

Arm sleeves such as our BodyShield arm guards are an overlooked and underrated piece of equipment that can prevent such injuries. These arm guards feature 10mm of XRD® extreme impact protection to absorb blows and abrasion-resistant material to prevent turf burns. 

Women's BodyShield GK 3/4 undershirt

Women goalkeepers need the same soccer protective gear as men but face some unique challenges. Upper body injuries, for instance, can be problematic for women goalies. 

This BodyShield ¾ undershirt was designed specifically for women, considering their proportions and body shape. It also contains XRD® extreme impact protection to cushion hard hits and abrasion-resistant panels to prevent turf burn. 

Women's BodyShield GK 4 leggings 

Women and girls' goalie pants can be hard to find since, well… women's soccer gear can be hard to find in general! Fortunately, we offer some of the best goalkeeper pants that girls and women can find. 

Enter our women's BodyShield GK 4 leggings. It's lined with XRD® extreme impact protection, turf burn resistant material, a pocket to hold shin guards, a drawstring to adjust its fit and more. It is a Swiss Army knife for women's goalkeeping legwear. 

Women's BodyShield Impact Slider soccer shorts 

How many women's soccer shorts offer a lightweight fit for mobility that protects them from hard impacts? Very few. 

However, our women's BodyShield Impact Sliders stand out in this regard, providing impact protection against hard hits. They can reduce the bruising and contusions that come with slides and tackles on the pitch. 

BodyShield leg sleeves

Shin guards are a no-brainer piece of women's soccer protective gear. With that said, you can bring your shin protection game up a notch. Not only do our BodyShield leg sleeves secure your shin guards, but they also provide additional cushioning against hard impacts and blows. Together, your shin guards and these sleeves will double your protection against leg injuries. 

A world of women's soccer protective gear at your feet 

As many girls and young women gear up for the next season, getting started on the right foot is crucial. Due to sporadic game schedules throughout the pandemic, many of you haven't ventured out to get new equipment if needed. 

Fortunately, we have your back when finding the best in women's soccer protective gear. You can find it all here at Storelli, whether it's protection against concussions right down to padding for your shins. 

Are you looking for female-specific equipment to prevent injuries? Browse through our line of soccer protective gear for women. 
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