Yes, You Need Shin Guards. No They're Not All Ugly and Distracting

Sep 21, 2023

It’s not just your kids that hate shin guards. Even some of the world’s best players step on the pitch without them and we all know why—they look and feel uncool. Nevertheless, no player should be without them. And here’s the good news: the right shin guards look cool, feel comfy and don’t look like eyesores. This post will discuss how players can protect their shins without them being a distraction. 

It’s Okay to Dislike Shin Guards

We get it—some shin guards look more like wings or robot parts (and not the cool kind of robot). They look bulky under your socks. But that’s usually not the main issue. Large shin guards can restrict motion or at least feel restrictive; which is distracting and takes you out of the game. Also, some shin guards can irritate the skin and in rare cases, trigger a rash known as shin guard dermatitis. 

For these reasons, that’s probably why we’re seeing big names opt to wear tiny shin guards, which are hardly noticeable. Jack Grealish, Toni Kroos, Paul Dybala and more have all opted to wear tiny shin guards, although some of their reasons are more personal than the ones listed above. 

But It’s Not Okay to Wear Bad Ones—Why

Obviously you can’t step on the pitch without wearing shin guards, so there’s no need to discuss this at length—you’ll get benched. 

So that leaves the question of whether you should wear tiny shin guards or other alternatives. Here’s what we’ll say—if you chose shin guards that don’t provide enough coverage or are poorly constructed, ditch them. You’re not doing yourself any favors. If anything, you’ll only increase your risk of getting a shin injury, which needless to say, hurts. 

Choose Shin Guards Wisely

You can have the best of both worlds—that is, shin protection that doesn’t look and feel cumbersome. Ditch the wings and bricks for something more modern and sleek. Here’s what we recommend. 

  • Get a good fit - First off, make sure your shin guards actually fit. Get a pair that’s snug. Shin guards that are a natural fit won’t take up too much space, and will feel comfortable. 
  • Opt for streamlined design - Next, get a pair of shin guards that don't look like an eyesore. Look for pads with a squarish-shape, rounded corners and flexible curved body. This type of design has more character than a solid square, and the curved design provides more flexibility for the guards to comfortably hug your shins. 
  • House your shin guards in leg sleeves - If your shin guards are snug and flexible, you can secure them in leg sleeves, which has a few added benefits. For one, they’ll look well-covered. Second, they have pockets to tuck your shin pads in, so they’re not directly touching your skin and causing irritation. And the best leg sleeves offer additional protection from impacts and excessive moisture. 

Our BodyShield leg guards are essentially leg sleeves that offer added shin protection. The pockets house your shin guards, securing them in place so you don’t have to adjust them. They’re also lined with impact-absorbing material that softens the blow of kicks to the shin. And they keep your legs cool and dry thanks to their moisture-wicking ability.  

Shin Guards Aren’t All that Bad 

Despite the attitude towards them, there’s no reason to despise shin guards, especially if you choose the right ones. Here at Storelli, we’re committed to making soccer protective gear look and feel good, including those for your shins.

With options such as our BodyShield leg guards, you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for safety—they go hand in hand. Who says shin guards, or any type of soccer gear, has to look bad?

Need shin protection? Take a look at our BodyShield leg guard and how it can keep you injury-free.
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