How to Save Money on Soccer Gear

Jan 16, 2023

It’s no secret that soccer has become less affordable over the years, especially in this unfortunate pay-to-play era. The average cost of playing soccer at the youth level is a steep $1,472 per child (per season). And that’s low, considering the cost of playing at an elite youth academy can exceed $10,000 per child before travel costs. 

“Yikes” is the right response. But regardless of your kid's level, one way to avoid breaking your wallet is to find affordable soccer gear. We’ll give you some tips to help you spend less on essential protective gear. 

How to find affordable soccer gear

The best way to save money on soccer gear is to rely on a few hacks, not just one. Don’t get too dependent on just one method because the more methods you use, the more money you can save overall. 

Find sales on soccer protective gear

The most no-brainer way to save money on soccer gear is to look out for sales. Collect coupons, pay attention to flash sales, and look for other promotions to help you save on equipment. Keep track of these deals by signing up for email newsletters or periodically checking sales on the company website you plan to buy from. 

For example, we include deals in our Storelli newsletter, which are usually 20 percent to 25 percent off sales. You can also find these deals on our website under our SALE page.  

Buy soccer protective gear strategically

When we say to buy strategically, we mean buying soccer gear that suits the player. Yes, that literally means the size, among other things. But that also means buying soccer gear that makes sense for players for their given age and experience. 

For example, if your kid is a beginner goalkeeper who needs to develop a feel for the ball, they don’t need ultra-high-performance goalie gloves. A more cost-effective pair that helps them develop ball control will do. Remember, skills make the player, not the gear.  

Extend the lifespan of soccer gear

Soccer gear doesn’t last forever, especially when buying for kids growing like weeds. But their growth spurts don’t mean having to drain your wallet every few weeks. You can extend the lifespan of some soccer gear, within reason of course. 

For example:

  • You can buy two pairs of soccer gloves and rotate them, so they’re not overusing either pair. This reduces wear and tear. 
  • Maintain gear properly by spraying it and storing it in a safe location.
  • Wash their jerseys and tops, shorts and leggings appropriately so they don’t prematurely shrink or wear out.

Don’t expect these hacks to double the lifespan of your products. However, they can add a few more uses to each item, and your savings will add up in the long run. 

How Storelli can help 

Aside from keeping players safe, one of our main goals is to ensure that the beautiful game is accessible to everyone. No one should feel discouraged from playing because of high costs. So how do we help make soccer gear more affordable? 

First and foremost, we design high-quality, innovative soccer gear designed to withstand wear-and-tear more than typical soccer gear. We also include care tips to help you maintain these products as well. Also, we regularly offer discounts, especially during holidays or particular seasons. But, even then, we ensure that our prices stay within a range that’s reasonable for the average soccer family. 

Until recently, soccer has been praised as a sport with a low-cost barrier to entry.  It’s part of our mission to keep it that way. 

Looking for affordable yet reliable soccer gear? Check out our deals to find the gear you need at a price you can’t skip! 

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