Pick Your Slider: How to Decide Which Storelli Slider is Right for You

Oct 30, 2018

As the soccer season moves forward, we find ourselves obsessively searching online and in-store deciding what boots and training gear to wear, but often overlook the need for sliding shorts that meet our performance needs. After all, all you need is one nasty turf burn or thigh knock to hold your game back both mentally and physically.

Whether you are a keeper, midfield general, attacking maestro, or hard-nosed defensive player, we have you covered.

Take your game to the next level with the perfect base layer slider.


BodyShield Turf Burn Sliders 

No player enjoys the burn of a fresh "raspberry". That’s how the BodyShield Turf Burn Slider was born.

We designed these sliders with stretchy anti-abrasion panels to prevent athletes from lower body friction and turf burns on a multitude of surfaces such as turf, futsal courts, and hardwood. 

It's time to bring slide tackles back. 


BodyShield Impact Sliders


For the 50-50 challenge, dives, and slides.

The BodyShield Impact Slider, designed for field players and goalkeepers, boasts a thin layer of foam on the hips and thighs capable of absorbing up to 90% of an impact.

Get stuck in.

BodyShield GK Sliders


These are for keepers.

The BodyShield GK Slider is ergonomically designed with heavy-duty thigh and tailbone padding to provide hard-core impact and turf burn protection for both training and match day.

Dive without hesitation, leave without injury.

Check out our full slider lineup starting at $39.99

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