Sweating the Details: How to Perfect Your Soccer Shin Guard Fitting

May 21, 2024

Wearing shin guards should be easy-peasy—just slip em’ on and play. But like most of us, you’ve probably had bad luck with them before. Whether it’s a sizing issue or a maddening itch after play, shin guards can drive you nuts. 

But with a few pointers, you can have an easy-as-1-2-3 experience, where your shin guards fit and feel perfect, everytime. Here’s what you need to know. 

Sizing Your Shin Guards

When it comes to shin guard size, height matters. Leg length correlates to how tall you are, so take note of your height to choose the best-fitting pads. 

Fortunately, this is easy. Just measure your height (if you don’t already know it), and then use a sizing chart for reference.  Here’s our shin guard sizing chart. 

As you can see it’s pretty straightforward. Whether it’s for you or your kid, simply look at the height and what size it corresponds with. 

If you’re in between a size, order a smaller pad for a tighter fit or a larger one for a looser fit. So for example, if your child is 5’0 tall, get a medium if they prefer the snug fit, or get them the large if they prefer it loose. 

Positioning on the leg

Sometimes, players (and parents) buy the right shin guard size, but put on it awkwardly. The result? Less comfort and a higher injury risk. 

But this is one’s an easy fix too. 

Place the shin guards a couple of inches under the knee so that it covers the entire shin, resting just above the ankle. The top of the shin guard shouldn’t press into the knee since that restricts motion. Also, the bottom should rest about one inch above the ankle so that it doesn’t limit mobility either. 

Fortunately, our new line of shin guards feature a wedge design that prevents them from sliding vertically or horizontally. Also, when placed in our leg guards, which have pockets, the shin pads are even further secured. 

Comfort and Fit

Now here’s where things get tricky—and personal. Shin guards can sit perfectly on the legs, but they can still feel “off”, irritating even. 

That could mean they’re can itchy or cause sweaty shins, which is obviously annoying. Things can get worse. Some players get what’s known as shin guard dermatitis, which produces an itching or burning rash. The cause may be an allergy to the material or a bacterial infection. 

We’ve devised a few fixes for this issue though. We suggest getting a pair of our leg guards, because they have a pocket in which you can slip your shin guards. That prevents direct contact with your skin. Additionally, the pockets lock the guards in place, so they don’t slip or slide. 

And our leg guards contain breathable material that allows air in, so your shins can breathe. That means no excessive sweating, which would otherwise promote bacterial growth. 

Shin Guard Placement in the Socks

Most of you know by now that shin guards should go under your socks— they keep the shin guards secure. Some players go as far to use tape to lock them in, but that’s unnecessary. 

Our shin pads are built to slip into the pockets of our leg guards. Again, that pocket fastens the shin pads so they’re not shifting around. That allows for distraction-free play, and no need to adjust the pads while you’re on the pitch. 

The Optional Details

Assuming you understand the four points above, then shopping for shin guards should be a breeze in the future. Of course, there are some other things to think about. 

One of those things is their look. True, design and looks don’t make or break shin pad performance, but they don’t hurt either. Our new line of slip in shin pads come in plain back, but also, some bolder styles such as camo. 

If you’re shopping for kids, keep in mind that they’re drawn to kid-friendly designs. Look out for our youth slip in shin pads, which are available in blue and purple camouflage. Half the battle of getting kids to wear soccer gear is convincing them it looks cool. But based on customer reception, they’re a hit with the kiddos. So consider getting them a pair. 

Ultimately, shin guards don’t have to be a drag. Keep it simple, pick the right fit and feel, and you won’t have to return or bear with them. 

Looking for comfortable and high-quality, shin protection? Check out our new slip in shin guards to find your perfect fit! 

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