Increasing the Longevity of Your Favorite Jersey

Jun 19, 2023

Goalkeepers are likely rougher on their jerseys than other positions on the field. Men’s soccer goalie jerseys will withstand more friction and wear as the soccer ball is caught into the chest, the goalie dives and slides across the material, and the arms of the jersey are used to make saves. 

If you’re a goalkeeper who needs a jersey that will last longer, this is the article for you. The first factor in increasing the lifespan of men’s goalkeeper jerseys is how the jersey is treated. The second factor is getting a quality jersey that’s made to last.

Factor #1: How to treat men’s soccer goalie jerseys

Washing tips

Like other items of clothing we want to take care of, turn the jersey inside out before washing to help protect any print or embroidery. Decide which temperature of water is best because they all offer different advantages. Just use a variety.

  • Cold water is the best for protecting the jersey from fading or altering since hot water can sometimes cause shrinking.
  • Warm water is a good option because the extra warmth can help lift stains, odors, sweat, and dirt.
  • Hot water should be used sparingly, only if the jersey needs a tough clean, and in that case, pre-soaking could be a better option. 

Don’t use the dryer; instead, hang the jersey and let it air dry. The dryer can set stains that haven’t been removed, shrink the jersey, affect the print, and change the feeling of the material. Most jerseys are made of materials that shouldn’t be put in the dryer anyways.

For the same reason as you should avoid hot water, don’t use bleach or fabric softener. These could change or destroy the jersey. If pre-soaking is necessary for stains, use a good laundry detergent and cold or warm water. Lastly, keep it separate from other articles of clothing so it isn’t accidentally dyed by another piece or torn by a zipper, for example.

Wearing tips

Use a practice jersey and a game jersey. It won’t matter as much what happens to the practice jersey because it just has to be good enough for that, but a game jersey needs to stay clean and new looking so it shouldn’t be worn otherwise. This will double their lifespan since you’ll switch between at least two jerseys. Many goalkeepers will have more, though, depending on how frequently they play.

Look for anti-bacterial jerseys, a quality in all Storelli men’s soccer goalie jerseys. This reduces germs and odors, making the washing process less intense and the lifespan longer. Our jerseys are also equipped with extra padding where impact is more likely to occur. This ensures the jersey isn’t easily worn away.

Storing tips

When the jersey isn’t being used, protect it from the sun which can have bleaching and shrinking effects. This is as simple as keeping it in a garment bag or covering it when it’s drying outside.

Always lay the jersey flat or hang it to prevent it from developing stubborn creases and folds. This will also enable airflow to keep the jersey fresh between uses.

Factor #2: The quality of men’s goalkeeper shirts

How often should men’s goalkeeper jerseys be replaced? This will vary per player and level. Professional competitive players are replacing their jerseys much more often so they look fresh and new for each game. This ensures they properly represent the team and create a semblance of professionalism.

Young, casual players don’t need to replace their jerseys as often because their games won’t be affected by a stain or a small tear. The cadence of replacing men’s goalkeeper shirts increases from young players to senior players.

Ultimately, the jersey will need to be replaced if there’s a big tear that either exposes the player underneath or can get caught during the game. It will also need replacing if it’s become too small, too stained, or the writing and numbers are no longer legible. Often, game jerseys can be retired to practice jerseys so they still have a use.

Storelli aims to make products that last, not push people to replace products that are still great. We want to arm goalkeepers with good products they can feel confident in and play their best. 

We use excellent materials and technology to create jerseys that last, but that also help in other areas, such as comfort, sweat-wicking, and impact absorption. Browse Storelli’s jerseys here for your next game.
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