How to Find the Right Jersey Size for Youth Soccer Players

Dec 21, 2022

Choosing the right jersey fit for young soccer players can be tricky. After all, kids grow fast and often disproportionately, so getting jersey sizes can sometimes be a head-scratcher. But we’re here to give you some tips. This brief post will examine recommendations and sizing notes for parents to keep in mind when shopping for their young players. 

Sizing chart guides for youth soccer jerseys

Keep in mind that youth soccer jerseys typically fit kids ages six to eighteen. If you’re shopping for a player in that age range, you may notice your child falls squarely in a particular range or outside of it. Either circumstance is okay since young soccer players come in various body shapes and sizes. 

body shapes and sizes

These “youth sizes” won’t be appropriate for bigger and taller kids who’ll need men’s or women’s soccer jerseys. It’s not uncommon for youth to need “adult” sizes early on in their soccer careers. 

Storelli youth soccer jerseys 

Our line of ExoShield Gladiator soccer jerseys and BodyShield tops go by slightly different measurements. Also, we have just three sizes, but they can fit a broader range of youth. Here’s a look at our sizing guide below. 

sizing guide

Again, it’s possible (and normal) that your child might not neatly fit into one of these youth soccer jerseys sizes. 

How to take measurements for youth soccer jerseys

Some of you will probably opt to take measurements, especially if your kid is on the smaller or larger side or has just had a growth spurt. The good news is that measurements are usually quick and easy. 

Take a measurement

1) Measure the chest around the fullest part. 

2) Measure the narrowest part of the waist, which is usually the small of their back to where their body bends side to side. 

3) Measure the fullest part of the hips. 

4) Measure your child’s height from the crown of the head to the floor. Make sure their shoes are off.

Use a sizing chart to find the right size

With your measurements in hand, you can refer to the sizing charts to find the ideal fit. Remember that things like body weight and proportions can put your child on the borderline of two different sizes. To compensate, order either the smaller size for a tight fit or the larger one for a loose fit. And if your child’s hip and waist indicate two different sizes, go with the size that corresponds with the hip measurement. 

The goal of choosing the right youth soccer jersey fit

Ultimately, you want your kid to feel comfortable in the jersey, free of distractions that might take them out of the zone. A comfortable fit enhances performance because kids don’t feel the urge to adjust it while playing. And staying focused on the pitch separates great players from good ones. So give your kids the perfect match for youth soccer jersey sizes. Every inch counts when unlocking elite performance. 

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