Why “Grip” Matters for All Soccer Players, Not Just Goalies

Oct 25, 2023

Attention all non-goalie footy players—you need good grip play your best as well! Of course, we’re not talking about your hands, but rather, your feet. And when we say grip, we’re specifically referring to “traction”. That’s the ability for your feet to remain steady and connected to the ground, so you’re not slipping and sliding on runs. Good traction applies to both your feet moving in your shoes, and how your feet land on the ground. 

Obviously, you need mobility, but not so much that you’re losing balance and control. With that said, you can increase your grip with the right training and gear, namely, grip socks. 

Here’s a look at why grip is so crucial for field positions. 


1.Better precision and body control 

Whether you’re on a break or cutting through defense, you need control and finesse. Anything less, means falling, tripping and poor ball control. For example, if your foot is slipping in your cleats, you can’t lift and plant it properly, making your movements sloppy. 

But if your foot is secured in your cleats, movement will feel more precise and less shaky. Aside from balance training, wearing grip socks holds your feet in place, so less sliding happens. 

Our SpeedGrip™ grip socks hug the pressure zones of your feet, areas that make more ground contact and require extra traction. That means you can land properly with each stride, giving you more speed, maneuverability and control. 

2. Reduced injury risk 

Better traction doesn’t just improve body control—it reduces your injury risk too. Sprains, strains and the dreaded ACL tear happen when players land or change direction with poor control. And slipping is a big reason players move with that poor control. 

With better traction, your joints can move without hyperextension, meaning you’ll have a smaller chance of getting an injury. 

Again, conditioning drills such as the FIFA 11+ neuromuscular warmups are important, but wearing grip socks and insoles can stabilize your joints too. 

3. Improved circulation 

Good grip improves your performance on the molecular level too. Enter better circulation. We’ve long known that compression gear pushes oxygen-rich blood through the vessels with more ease. That helps nourish the muscles better, clearing out metabolic waste like lactic acid. 

Ultimately, your tissues can perform more strenuous movements and recover better when they receive a healthy supply of nutrient-filled blood. That means less swelling, numbness and cramps after a game. 

Grip socks gently compress your feet, so your circulation improves. That can do wonders for your performance and recovery. And for those cold days, they can give you added warmth. Our SpeedGrip™line provides compression and warmth, minus the sweating that other socks may cause, thanks to its moisture-wicking fabrics. 

4. Fewer blisters

Blisters and bruises aren’t the worst injuries you can get on the pitch, but they’re bummers nonetheless. Slipping in your shoes can lead to chafing, and by extension, blisters. 

Grip socks, such as our SpeedGrip™line, have stretchy, light-weight fabrics that move with your feet, without irritating your skin. That means your every movement is supported and secure, without the sensitivity.

Get a grip, get the goal

Keep in mind that a lot of foot movement in soccer is involuntary. How your joints move from landing, cutting, running and everything else, happens subconsciously based on how they're trained. So if they’re well-conditioned, they’ll transfer weight and move in space more efficiently, with less risk of injury. The opposite is true as well. 

Balance and leg strengthening boosts your foot control by leaps and bounds. There’s also the basics—choose well-fitting cleats, and ones that have the right studs for your given playing surface.  

But don’t neglect grip socks. They can give your feet added security, so they remain stable every time they land on the ground. 

Looking for added foot control to improve your game? Take a look at our SpeedGrip™line of grip socks to boost your performance and reduce your injury risk. 
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