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Apr 14, 2021

If you’re a true soccer fan, you probably embrace ALL aspects of the beautiful game, even the silly parts. You’re probably the type to laugh at soccer memes and can relate to different kinds of humor about the sport, whether it’s ROFL-funny or even the odd cringey pun. With that said, you can carry the laughs with you by wearing them - on our lifestyle T-shirts. This post will highlight five lifestyle T-shirts for soccer fans who embrace the lighter side of footy. 

Evolution of a Field Player

“Evolution of a Field Player” lifestyle soccer t-shirt.

By now you’re no stranger to this illustration - the evolution of man from primate form to his modern, upright posture. We flipped the illustration not just to poke fun at the iconic pic, but also, to poke fun at the grueling process of evolving from a beginner to a great player. Let’s face it - all work and no play makes the beautiful game dull and dreary. This soccer T-shirt will remind you of that on those particular challenging days. 

Evolution of a Goalkeeper

“Evolution of a Goalkeeper” lifestyle soccer t-shirt.

This shirt also pokes fun at the famous evolution of man illustration, but puts the spotlight on the goalkeeper. The same concept of the “Evolution of a Field Player” applies here - it takes hard work to go from a novice to a master. This shirt might garner more laughs, however, because we’re depicting a massive leap between the fourth version and fifth version of the keeper. More realistically, we should have kept the last figure in a traditional goalkeeper stance. But then again, logic isn’t all that funny. 

Son of a Pitch

“Son of a Pitch” lifestyle soccer t-shirt.


So the meaning of this soccer T-shirt hardly needs an explanation. Yes, it’s an obvious play on the NSFW phrase you certainly don’t want to say around the kids or boss. But it’s downright funny. It’s provocative yes, but still safe and captivating enough for you to wear in public and get a few laughs. We also like to think of “Son of a Pitch” being an honorary term - one reserved to the most hardcore and dedicated soccer players who were born to play this sport. 

Danger! Keeper Out

“Son of a Pitch” lifestyle soccer t-shirt.

For some reason, when we look at this t-shirt, we automatically visualize that unforgettable 2014 collision between German keeper Manuel Neuer and Argentinian forward Gonzalo Higuain. This shirt serves as a joke but also a warning - if you’re a forward, beware of fearless keepers! The wordplay off of “Danger! Keep Out” and the lightning bolt symbol - two elements you see on electrical hazard signs - is a reminder that contact with the wrong keeper stings. With that said, this shirt isn’t telling forwards to act like wusses. You just gotta watch your (and the keeper’s) step.  

My Daughter/Son Can Fly 

“My Daughter Can Fly” lifestyle soccer t-shirt.

“My Son Can Fly” lifestyle soccer t-shirt.

For moms and dads of goalkeepers, there’s nothing more satisfying than seeing your junior make a game winning save. Extra kudos for acrobatic, Instagrammable saves. If your son or daughter can pull it off, congratulations - reward them and your ego with this shirt. But even if your young goalkeeper hasn’t learned to spread their wings yet, that’s okay - keep this shirt around as a motivator to help get them there. Their day will come. 

Soccer T-Shirts for the Day One, Die Hard Players

Soccer shouldn’t always feel like a grind. Whether you’re in it for the exercise, the passion or the goal of playing professionally, you’ve gotta have fun with it sometimes. You might forget to loosen and lighten up when you’ve got serious ambitions on the line, but these t-shirts can remind you to see the humour in the beautiful game. After all, if there’s anyone who should see the lighter side of the sport, it should be those who love it more than anything else. 


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