How to Find Your Perfect Soccer Jersey Fit

Sep 16, 2022

You know the importance of finding the best-fitting soccer jersey. But the question is, how do you find the best fit? It's a pertinent question, especially when dealing with a young and growing player or trying to up your performance ante. This post will provide tips to help you pick the best-fitting soccer jersey, whether it's for you or your juniors. 

Soccer jerseys sizing guide

There's no real mystery to finding the right jersey fit — you just need to get your measurements correct. Knowing your measurements isn't once you know where or how to find them. First, you can measure your body to find specific dimensions for jersey selection. But if you're not too keen on busting out the measuring tape, you can use a sizing chart for reference. Let's look at the latter first. 

Charts for height, weight, age

Sizing charts work by providing you with recommended sizes based on a player's height, weight, and age. Providing you (or your child) fall in a typical range, then using a sizing chart will point you to the right fit. 

This chart provides typical measurements for players based on their physical dimensions. It’s helpful if you know your dimensions or plan to take measurements (more on this below). You can also use our interactive sizing guide.  

Storelli Soccer Jersey Sizing Guide

When you visit our soccer jersey pages, you'll notice a button that says "Size recommendation."

Once you click it, you'll get this pop-up, interactive screen. 

Next, select your gender, height, weight, and date of birth. 

Next, enter your dimensions. 

Once entered, you'll get an approximate estimate of your ideal soccer jersey size.  

Of course, no two bodies are built the same. For example, two players can weigh 175 pounds, but one can have broader shoulders and a narrower waist, while the other has the opposite proportions. Or two players can stand at 6'2 in height, but one has a longer torso and shorter legs, while the other has longer legs and a shorter torso. You get the drift. Not everyone can rely exclusively on a sizing guide; taking measurements makes the most sense for these folks. 

Taking measurements for soccer jersey fits

Taking measurements might seem tedious,  especially for kids. But all you need is a tape measure and about five minutes (maybe less) to get an accurate sense of your dimensions. There are four spots to consider when measuring for soccer jersey fit: 

  1. Chest - Measure the player's chest at the widest part, wrapping the tape around under the arms. 
  2. Waist - Measure around the most narrow part of the waist. That’s usually the small of the back where the body bends sideways. Keep the tape placed horizontally. 
  3. Hips - Measure around the widest part of the player's hips, ensuring the tape is horizontal.
  4. Inside seam - Measure from the crotch to where the player typically wears their pants on the shoe. 

With these measurements on hand, you can refer to the sizing chart to make a clearer choice. Keep in mind it's okay if you need to order a size up or down. Comfort reigns supreme when buying soccer goalie jerseys, and it's okay if the right fit isn't typical for your age, height, or weight. 

Predetermined soccer jersey fits 

On the flip side of the measurement coin is the "predetermined fit." They're what "cuts" are to goalie gloves — tailored designs that hang a certain way on a player's body, regardless of the player's size. 

A soccer jersey's fit can also influence how it feels on a player's body. 

Common soccer jersey fits

  • Slim fits - Soccer jerseys that fit snugly on the body and may even feel somewhat tight.
  • Athletic fits - Soccer jerseys that are neither snug nor baggy. 
  • Loose fits - Soccer jerseys may feel somewhat baggy and have wider sleeves or lower necklines. 

The fit of a soccer jersey usually doesn't affect its physical size too much. However, it's a comfort issue. 

That's why a men's XL slim-fitted jersey might not feel quite right compared to an athletic one. For example, a player with broader shoulders might opt for an athletic fit, so it doesn't feel uncomfortable. And, of course, feeling comfortable eliminates distractions that could hinder performance. 

Ultimately, the best way to determine the fit of a jersey is how it feels when you put it on. If you can barely notice it on your body and you're not tugging at it or fixing it, then it's probably the right fit. The opposite is true also. 

A soccer jersey disclaimer for women

Mostly, women find the perfect soccer jersey the same way guys do. Using a sizing guide and taking measurements is the way to go. But, women have some glaring anatomical differences that can make choosing soccer jerseys tricky. 

For example, women naturally have wider hips and narrower shoulders than men do, as well as differences in limb length. That's why manufacturers typically design women's jerseys to fit differently than men's, the latter resembling a T-shirt. Women's soccer jerseys typically have: 

  • more tailoring at the waist;
  • more chest room; 
  • lower neckline; 
  • longer cut;
  • shorter sleeves.

Of course, women have different body shapes, so it's also normal if a woman's ideal jersey doesn't match the description above. Again, it's the feeling that counts, nothing more. 

Storelli soccer jersey offerings

Finding the right soccer jersey can take a few attempts for some of you, especially if you're bigger or smaller than average for your age. Ditto for differences in dimensions. That can mean ordering and returning some jerseys more than once, which is annoying. 

In addition to our wide range of sizes for men, women, and youth, our Storelli ExoShield jersey features a form-fitted trim that molds to the size and shape of your body. This means you'll feel comfy in one, whether small and compact or built like a bulldozer. 

Once you find your measurements with our sizing chart and recommendation tool, you can be sure the jersey you order is the right fit. 

Are you looking for soccer jerseys and tops? Browse through our selection to find your ideal fit for comfort and performance. 


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