Claudio Storelli joins Eleven New York's Coffee & Football Podcast

Aug 16, 2019

Co-founder & CEO Claudio Storelli sits down with Eleven New York for a wide-ranging conversation on his entrepreneurial journey, insights, and the origins of Storelli 

Born and raised in Milan, Italy; at 15 Claudio Storelli moved to the US as an exchange student. By the age of 20 he graduated from Stanford University with honors and as an NCAA Soccer Division 1 runner-up. By 23, Claudio had graduated with honors from Columbia Law School, and joined McKinsey & Co. as a management consultant. In 2010 he joined Bloomberg LP, where he became the COO of a $1B Enterprise Technology division. To say that he is an ambitious overachiever is an understatement.

Cartoon illustration of Claudio

Please join us as Claudio takes us through his journey; from distinguished Ivy League schools to the hallways of some of New York’s most prestigious companies; to running a soccer startup that carries his name (how could it not?) in Brooklyn, NY. This is a conversation jam-packed with valuable insights, business learnings, and recommendations for the entrepreneurial type. We discuss Claudio's career and the principles he lives by; how he got the idea to start a business after playing games with bruised up Wall Streeters; the best cold call he ever made; rubbing shoulders with Mike Bloomberg; seeing Wayne Rooney unknowingly wear Storelli gear in the Premier League; what the navy seals taught him, and much more.

Listen to the full conversation HERE.

Claudio and Tom working in the R&D Lab

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