Associazione Calcio: Larry Diggs Jr.

Mar 20, 2020

Associazione Calcio (AC) is a footballer series that pursues unfiltered intelligence for players competing at each stage of the game.


Coney Island native, Larry Diggs Jr. is feared across the NYC soccer academy circuit as a straight shooter. Tells is like it is. Playing for both BW Gotschee and Met Oval before committing to Coney Island College, Diggs shares a few unfiltered pointers for the young guns out there looking to elevate their game.

Why soccer over other high school sports?

I played AAU basketball as well as club soccer, but I always knew I had way more going for me in soccer. Around the age of 7, I noticed that the skills I had outmatched a lot of other kids my age, which allowed me to be noticed and stand out as a player. As I got older, I continued improving, and realized that this was the right fit for me.

Hardest part of conditioning for BW Gottschee/ at this level, and tips for powering through?

Moving from NPL soccer to playing on an Academy team forced me to adjust both mentally and physically. I knew that I could compete and play up to the level of fast paced soccer. Powering through the rough training sessions and the intense running, only caused me to want to work harder and get better as a player.

Is Storelli more strength or more protection?

When you wear a Storelli product, you benefit from not having to worry as much about injuries. For me, Storelli is more protection, especially the BodyShield Leg Guard because being someone who suffered from multiple ankle sprains over the years, this particular gear helped protect my ankle from rolling less. The pads on the sides allow me to not feel as much pain when being stepped on my ankle in-games.

What is your secret weapon?

My secret weapon is my Pace/Agility. Most defenders are not as quick as me on the field, and this allows me to break the other teams back line by either taking on full-backs 1v1 or receiving a through ball in the space.

Favorite player and why?

My favorite player *mmmm* Eden Hazard. Hazard has always been this dynamic, quick, composed player that I’ve enjoyed watching from back when he was on Chelsea FC. Being a young player that plays the same position as your idol only makes me want to either one day be playing aside him or against him.

Favorite way to score and why?

When I go to score, I love to take on 1 or 2 players and finish either bottom left or fake the goalkeeper. I enjoy having fun on the pitch, and dribbling around the keeper only puts a smile on my face as well as my teammates-- maybe not the keeper’s though. 

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