The Anti-Turf Burn Buyer’s Guide for Soccer Players

Sep 16, 2022

Image Source: NWSL

Here’s an injury that doesn’t get enough press in soccer
turf burn. The unsightly red and raw abrasions from sliding on artificial turf can leave you in searing pain. They can get serious, too, since bacteria can infect the wound. However, preventing turf burns is as simple as wearing anti-turf burn gear. This post will be a buyer’s guide to friction-resistant equipment that can protect you from this injury. 

Turf-burn: A deeper look 

As its name implies, turf burn is a stinging cut you get from sliding on a rough surface, usually turf. It often occurs when a player tackles an opponent. The player slides along the surface, and the friction of rubbing against turf blades tears the uppermost layers of skin.

That exposes the lower layers of skin, which gives the abrasion its infamous raspberry-like appearance. Of course, pain rapidly ensues, and it feels like stinging needles or a burn, as if you rubbed it against sandpaper. In some cases, the wound will bleed. 

When turf burn is more than just a sting 

The effects of turf burn can be more than just skin deep. Bacteria, namely Staphylococcus aureus that lives on your skin, can enter the wound and lead to an infection. At its mildest, you may notice increased redness, pain, and oozing of pus from the cut.

However, the bacteria can enter your bloodstream and trigger a potentially life-threatening cluster of symptoms ranging from fever and vomiting to muscle pains and sepsis. Turf burn isn’t something to take for granted. 

Anti-turf burn gear

Turf burn is treatable, but it’s even easier to prevent. That’s where anti-turf burn gear comes in handy. This soccer protective gear contains abrasion-resistant materials that stay intact even when facing high friction.

Here at Storelli, we line our anti-turf burn gear with a proprietary abrasion-resistant panel (SABR-Tex) or padding, depending on the item. Essentially, it works as a shield against artificial grass blades so it doesn’t cut your skin when you slide.

BodyShield turf burn leggings

Available for both men and women, anti-turf burn leggings provide total coverage of the legs for goalkeepers. They contain abrasion-resistant panels in the hip, knee, and calf regions. The material is also stretchy, which gives it added protection. For your comfort, the microfibre fabric is also lightweight yet warm and flexible. 

BodyShield arm guards

Also made for goalkeepers, anti-turf burn arm guards can prevent abrasions from sliding on the arm. That’s essential for keepers since diving can lead to sliding on the turf with their constituents. These sleeves also contain abrasion-resistant pads that shield bare skin from artificial grass blades. So if a keeper dives and slides on their elbow or forearm while wearing it, their skin won’t get wounded. 

BodyShield knee guards

These guards offer protection for the knees and come with impact-absorbing padding. They’re also layered with abrasion-resistant materials that protect the knees from turf burns. These leg guards are appropriate for all positions on the field. 

GK ¾ Undershirts

Also a goalkeeper item, anti-turf burn undershirts feature abrasion-resistant panels in the shoulder region. It’s also reinforced with impact-absorbing padding to protect against bruising caused by hard falls or bumps with other players. 

BodyShield Turf Burn Sliders 2

One of the best turf-burn resistant items for field positions is our BodyShield Turf Burn Sliders 2s. These shorts are lined with abrasion-resistant materials — our proprietary SABR-Tex™ — along the sides of the thigh region. The padding in these shorts can resist various surfaces, not just turf (i.e., hardwood for futsal games). It’s also stretchy yet light, giving maximum protection without hindrance to mobility. 

Don’t feel the burn.

Turf-burn injuries are sneaky. They often happen unexpectedly, which can lead to serious discomfort when they do. Not only are they unsightly and painful, but they can also quickly worsen if they get infected. 

Although it’s a treatable injury, you avoid turf burn injuries altogether with abrasion-resistant gear. The materials can withstand friction even when you slide on turf, protecting your skin from getting cut by grass or artificial turf blades. So even when you slip and fall, you can play on without feeling the burn. 

Looking for the finest in anti-turf burn protection? Browse through our selection of turf-burn-resistant gear to find upper and lower body coverage. 

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