Youth: 7 reasons parents are buying soccer protective gear

Jul 19, 2018

Many may not realize it, but soccer is a contact sport, with injuries affecting millions of youth players every year.

To fight this, players and parents globally are turning to a new breed of protective soccer gear designed by the Brooklyn brand Storelli.

We dug deeper to find out why.


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1. Every Season, 1 OUT OF 2 Players Are Injured

According to NCAA studies on both men and women soccer, each player has a 50% chance of getting hurt each season...ugh! While 50%+ of injuries affect the legs, up to 10% affect the head, with girls 2x more likely to suffer head injuries than boys.

Bottom line: injuries in soccer happen, and it's up to us to do something about it. Protective gear for soccer players may be the answer.

Soccer injuries affect body and mind.

2. Injuries hurt the body and the mind

We all know that soccer injuries affect us physically. But when soccer players are injured at a young age they also have the potential to affect physical development into adulthood. The impact of physical injuries may lead to decreased concentration, confidence and performance.

Youth soccer injuries lead to less enjoyment of the game.

3. Injured players enjoy the game less

At the end of the day, sports are meant to be fun. As we have all experienced, even small injuries can ruin the enjoyment of any activity, including soccer. Protecting the body means protecting the joy of the game. Because what's the point of playing if we are not having fun? That’s why protective soccer gear, especially for youth players, is an investment that parents should consider. This equipment can keep boys and girls involved for more time in the sport.

Storelli soccer protection gear helps reduce the risk of injury.

4. Soccer protection gear works

At Storelli, we pride ourselves on making products that help keep players on the field. By applying cutting-edge, military-grade materials to each and every product we manufacture, our soccer protection gear is designed to either shield players from impact or prevent turf burns. The products are light, comfortable and stylish.

Protective soccer gear allows players to play with confidence.

5. Players love soccer protective gear

The key to the rapid adoption of soccer protection gear from Storelli is that players love it. For 2 primary reasons: 

  1. It makes them play more confidently; and 
  2. It looks cool.

This is why Storelli customers rate its products so highly, and 9 out of 10 proactively recommend the gear to other parents and players.

Professionals also wear protective soccer gear.

6. World-class pros wear it too

Few players know the value of staying fit than professionals. Storelli gear is being worn at all levels of the game, all the way to world-class players in Premier League and World Cup champions like former Real Madrid and Spain captain Iker Casillas. It makes many parents feel good to know that the same gear that protects their kids protects the best of the best.

30-day return policy on protective soccer equipment.

7. You can try it risk-free

Storelli lets you try the gear risk-free - with free U.S. shipping, free size exchanges and really easy returns. Their US-based customer support is also super responsive and friendly, which helps in choosing the right gear and feeling comfortable that someone will be there to assist.

Time to take action.
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