4 Essential Features Women Should Look for in Chest Protectors

Aug 9, 2021

A crop top or chest protection in soccer should do much more than your average sports bra. It should provide full-range protection against injuries and discomfort. That means your choice of chest protection needs to have the right set of protective features. We’ll take a look at the features of top-notch chest protection. 

Moisture/Sweat-Wicking Ability

Sweating is when playing footy. If you worked up a good sweat, you probably wear it like a badge of honour after a practice or game. But let's face it - sweat is uncomfortable. It can lead to discomfort and chafing, which ultimately takes your mind out of the game. And the torso is probably the most vulnerable to the discomforts of sweating.

That's why moisture-wicking fabrics are your best friend during a sweaty match. Moisture-wicking works through a process known as capillary action. Essentially, tiny pores in the fabric of the crop top pull sweat from your body up onto the surface of the fabric. Once moisture reaches the surface, it evaporates. This leaves you feeling cool and dry faster than if you had worn non-moisture-wicking fabrics. 

Our line of BodyShield crop tops is made with lightweight materials that are also moisture-wicking. As they remove excess moisture, that sticky feeling of sweat as well as any chafing or overheating will vanish too.

Impact Resistance/Protection 

If you’ve played the game long enough, you’ve probably had someone kick a ball into your chest, bump into your chest, or you may have dropped on your chest. You toughed it out because you are a warrior. But ladies, breast injuries are real and not something to take lightly.

Usually, breast injuries can heal on their own. You might just need ice or a cool compress for relief. On rare occasions though, they can lead to more serious complications such as a hematoma (collection of blood at the site of the injury). 

A padded crop top Is literally like wearing a shield. The materials in a padded crop top absorb the impact forces of whatever flies your way, whether it’s a ball, elbow or contact with the ground itself. When you're wearing this type of protection, a normally hard-hitting blow feels less intense. That means better protection from chest injuries.

Our line of BodyShield crop tops contains shock-absorbing material that can reduce 90% of the impact. So even if you can't stop a blow to the chest, it will make a hit feel less forceful. 

Antibacterial Properties

Contrary to popular belief, B.O is not inevitable and also it's not a sign of poor hygiene. No, B.O. happens when you've got bacteria feeding off of the proteins and fat in your sweat. So the next time you take a whiff, remember there are microscopic critters to blame for the stench.

What you need is some antimicrobial action to kill off those stink-producing germs. Ideally, your crop top will contain an antimicrobial treatment that kills bacteria upon contact so they can’t multiply. It will essentially sterilize your body of unpleasant germs that produce unpleasant odours.

Our line of BodyShield crop tops comes with this very antibacterial treatment. So even if you sweat a little, they'll protect you from B.O.

UV Protection 

Playing soccer in the sun is arguably the best of all weather conditions for a game. It's warm, not to mention, the sun gives you that energizing dose of vitamin D. But when the sun is shining on those cloudless days, the UV rays can drain you. Of course, the biggest concern with UV rays is sunburn.

The chest is very susceptible to sunburns if left unprotected. However, a crop top sewn with the right fabric can reduce the intensity of UV rays on the skin. This helps to prevent sunburn and it makes the feeling of the sun feel less intense on the body.

Our line of BodyShield crop tops contains UV-resistant material. Wearing one on a hot day will reduce the intensity of the sun's rays and more importantly protect you from sunburn and skin damage.

Get the Best for the Chest

Chest protection in soccer is a virtue but wearing the wrong one is a vice. So choose a crop top that performs just as well as you do. The right chest protection will shield you from multiple elements whether it's hard hits, extreme temperatures or from your own bodily functions. All that extra comfort will mean fewer distractions, and you'll be able to give 150% of your focus to the game.

Looking for chest protection? Take a look at our BodyShield crop top

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