Best Face Mask for Youth Sports

Mar 29, 2021

As youth sports are on the brink of a comeback, masks remain the best way to get your kid in the game without putting them in the hot zone. Today, we’re taking a look at how to choose the best face masks for youth sports.

How to Pick the Right Mask for Youth Athletes

Athletic masks for Covid protection have their own specific set of challenges. While running up and down the field, you want a mask that makes breathing as easy as possible. 

At the same time, heavy activity means heavy breathing. Heavy breathing produces more droplets which can penetrate masks, spreading viruses, bacteria, and particulates. So looking at breathability alone isn’t enough to keep youth athletes comfortable and safe on the field


One of the most important considerations for any covid mask is fit. The mask must be large enough to cover the nostrils and mouth, even when breathing heavily. At the same time, it can’t be so loose as to allow unfiltered air to enter the mask. 

A proper fit should go from the bridge of the nose to below the chin while remaining snug (but not to the point of discomfort) along the sides. Not everyone fits the same mold, so not every child can fit into a child-sized mask. If the mask is too small to protect your child, look for an adult size. As well, consider looking for adjustable straps, for a more custom fit.


Although fit and comfort go hand-in-hand to some extent, they serve a different purpose. The right fit makes sure that your child is protected. Whereas comfort not only makes wearing a mask more pleasant but also makes it less likely that your child will take the mask off or fiddle with it.

In addition to fit, look for masks that have adjustable nose options. These allow the mask to more effectively suit your child’s facial features, so the mask is worn easily and comfortably. As well, consider the material. For reusable masks, for instance, cotton is a more comfortable material than synthetic fibers.


The design of a mask affects its fit, comfort, and protection. A major component of a mask is the material it uses. Double- or triple-layer masks are the only options that offer adequate protection from the virus. Even if your league allows single-layer athletic masks, you should avoid them.

While polypropylene masks offer superior protection to cotton, they are less comfortable. A good option to resolve this is to look for CPC (cotton-polypropylene-cotton) masks. Their design stacks a layer of protective synthetic material between two comfortable layers of cotton. The mask is highly effective and is easy to wear.

Make Any Mask the Perfect Face Mask for Sports

Almost any mask requires a tradeoff between comfort and protection. For youth sports, most of us are unwilling to sacrifice either. You don’t want to risk performance, and you certainly can’t jeopardize health. The best solution is found not in the masks themselves, but in mask accessories.

A breathable mask insert is a specially designed accessory that fits inside your mask. It changes the way the mask sits on your face to allow better airflow. As a result, you get fresh air coming in and remove humid, stale air more effectively. 

The PowerAir face mask insert can work with any mask, so you can ensure maximum protection while still achieving breathability. Unlike other mask braces, it has an adjustable fit over the nose so it’s more comfortable, even if you have unique facial features. As well, it directs exhaled air downwards, so you don’t fog up glasses. PowerAir is your key to getting your child back on the field while feeling secure in their protection and confident in their performance.

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