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High-performance insoles fitted with our SpeedGrip® technology that upgrade your boots by adding grip to gain traction with every step: more speed, power and control


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    Standard insoles are not optimized for traction, causing your feet to slide and slowing your reaction time by split seconds that can make all the difference.

    SpeedGrip Insoles lock your feet in place, giving your step more speed, power and control so you don't leave anything to chance.

    Powered by SpeedGrip™ technology, which enhances your grip at every step.

    Patented heel cup further locks foot in place. Extremely effective in both dry and wet conditions.

    Just 3mm thin to not alter fit or support.

    Not recommended to players with very sensitive feet.

    U.S. Patents No. D818,686 and No. D858,968. SpeedGrip is a registered trademark.

    Key Features

    • Anti-Bacterial
      Enhanced with anti-bacterial treatment to reduce germs and odors
    • SpeedGrip
      Proprietary suede-like grip material that provides increased traction in both dry and wet conditions

    Unparalleled Grip

    Up your explosiveness with the SpeedGrip™ Line

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      Bradley A.
      United StatesUnited States
      • Player Gender Male
      • Player Age U12
      • Player Height and Weight 57" 80Lbs
      • Size purchased 6

      Nice Inserts

      Purchased these for my U12 son. He really likes them and says he feels faster using them. They do not cost much more than other generic inserts I have purchased but seem to work better.

      Sonya H.
      United StatesUnited States
      • Player Gender Male
      • Player Age 15
      • Player Height and Weight 6’1”
      • Size purchased Large


      Foot gripped in my boot like it was born to be there! And the extra soft hug at the back kept my foot ready to go without the blisters! I’m a goalkeeper and my feet are always on alert and ready to move. The traction of the insole meant that my foot and shoe moved together seamlessly!

      Lowell M.

      Gives an extra edge

      As an indoor goalkeeper, getting up there in years, anything that makes you feel a little more connected to the turf, and therefor a little bit faster to react, is welcome. These insoles, especially combined with the Speedgrip socks (highly recommended) make me feel planted, quick, and agile. Now I want better shoes...


      Feel Amazing

      My son loves his speed grips for his Nike cleats. He wears his Storelli socks as well, and cannot play without them anymore. Every step has been different now, and they fit in perfectly. Definitely keep your foot from moving around. Great product, my son didn't think they would work, but his foot feels locked in as many say. We are looking to buy another pair for my younger son as well. It'll take about 2-3 practices to feel comfortable with them, like anything else, but now he wants them for his other pairs he has. Highly recommend this product as well- buy the socks with them!!!

      Sunil D.

      Great product

      I bought these a two years ago and they were great. When my previous ones ripped, I just had to buy a new pair because I cannot play without them, they do not make you play better, but they definitely keep your foot from moving around.


      Speed Grips

      I really like these Speed Grips for my cleats. I have removed the inserts from my Adidas cleats and replaced them with these. They give me great grip and it makes the fit perfect. I am a Goalkeeper and it makes my foot feel more sturdy, especially with ball distribution.

      Molly F.

      Feel great!

      I was skeptical at first, but my feet really do feel locked in. You can feel it the second you put your shoes on with these insoles. I cut the tab off and they still work great!


      Buying my son his third set

      My son loves these inoles. I’m buying him a third set and might need a large this time!

      Marco B.

      Can't play without them now

      The first time I used them I couldn't really tell much difference. Then recently I purchased a new pair of shoes and I felt super slippery. I kept looking at my socks thinking that was the issue...then I realized they were missing the SpeedGrip Insoles! So I bought 2 more pairs and now have them in both my soccer and tennis shoes.


      Amazing grip!

      The grip on these insoles is really out of this world. It does exactly what it says it does and you really feel like your shoe is an extension of your foot. My only gripe is the heel portion. I find that it actually increases heel lift instead of minimizing it. In my soccer boots, it feels like my heels aren't as secure. Thinking about cutting that portion off. Aside from that, great product!!

      J S.

      Awesome for added grip

      Amazing grip, which is what I wanted. The heel tab is quite interesting, there is a little film you can peel to glue the tab to the back of the shoe, and it works very well. Thickness of the insole is almost identical to that of a normal insole you find in soccer cleats, so it makes no difference to the fit of the shoe (note: they are definitely not meant to give you more arch support- they are just like the insoles you have in your shoes now, but with tons of extra grip). Result is that feet don't slide at all in the shoes, like them a lot!

      Jesslyn A.

      Love my insoles

      Have been wearing the insoles since the first version back in early 2017 and love them. I actually use them in training shoes as well as my cleats. I am not a speedster, so speed wasn't my focus, but love the stability and grip.


      Awesome Insoles

      Awesome Insoles Been doing my 10km runs for the past 2 weeks in these, my time has dropped by 4 minutes these insoles are my new secret weapon :)



      Awesome! Bought these on Kickstarter. Buying 3 more sets for all of my shoes. Great work Storelli!


      Work as Advertised!

      Work as Advertised! I was a Kickstarter backer for this product and I was pleasantly surprised by what they offer. I play soccer, basketball and am training for a Spartan Race. I could definitely feel the increased performance, especially when changing direction. The tab functioned fine and I might go as far to say it helped me break in a new pair of basketball shoes. Easy enough to cut to fit. Favorite part is that I can move it from shoe to shoe which is pretty awesome. Might pick up some more though so I don't have to do that!


      Love 'em

      Love 'em I bought two pairs, one for my soccer cleats, one for my sneakers. Love the added grip, definitely makes a difference in my step! Highly reccommended