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Storelli by Floky. ACTIVATOR is the first biomechanical short designed with graduated and differentiated compression combined with functional screen-printing applications that reduce vibrations and activate the muscles. Activates, supports and stabilizes the muscles of the athlete during sporting activity reducing vibrations and speeding recovery.

Our biomechanical shorts prevents pubalgia and helps athletes suffering from this pathology as it cuts vibrations, de-inflammatory, stabilizes weak structures and improves muscle balance between the front and back (glutes and hamstrings).

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    LESS VIBRATIONS, BETTER CIRCULATION: The biomechanical short ACTIVATOR provides an improvement and regenerative support of all biomechanical functions related to tendons and muscles related to the upper legs, increasing venous return and protecting the tendon and muscle parts from overloads and inflammation

    THE WORD TO SCIENCE: Biomechanical designs allow you to improve performance, protect against injuries and speed up recovery.

    STABILIZES MUSCLES AND REDUCES INJURIES: The functional applications give support to the lower back muscles, the upper gluteal muscles and the thigh with thegoal of preventing injuries to the hamstrings, reducing vibration and stress. The screen printing stimulates contraction in training and promote recovery.

    FABRIC THAT FACILITIES MUSCLE RECOVERY: The bioceramics (Far Infrared Rays) present inside of the tissue reflect human heat and stimulate greater vascularization resulting in rapid regeneration of cells and speeding up the healing and recovery process.

    Key Features

    • Anti-Bacterial
      Enhanced with anti-bacterial treatment to reduce germs and odors
    • Sweat-Wicking
      Employs lightweight materials that wick moisture away from the body