The 10 Toughest Pitches on Instagram

Aug 6, 2019

Storelli gear is designed to performance on any turf, against all odds. From the frozen ice caps of Greenland to the scorched desert of Jordan, here they are:


Pitch name: Arena Khimki
Location: Moscow, Russia
Typical Climate: Cold and snowy
Why: For braving the frigid winters
      Pitch name: Unknown
      Location: Greece
      Typical climate: Hot and sunny
      Why: Where the game is the only thing that matters
          Pitch Name: Bettye Wilson Park
          Location: Las Vegas
          Typical Climate: Dry heat
          Why: For playing up in the clouds
              Pitch name: Unknown
              Location: Greenland
              Typical climate: Frigid temperatures
              Why: For playing at sea
                  Pitch name: Unknown
                  Location: Unknown
                  Typical climate: Hot and sunny
                  Why: For watching the net bulge
                      Pitch name: Hill Park
                      Location: Saltdean, England
                      Typical climate: Mild and rainy
                      Why: For feeling right at home on away days
                          Pitch name: Dick's Sporting Goods Park
                          Location: Commerce City, Colorado
                          Typical climate: High altitude/snowy
                          Why: For mile-high matches
                              Pitch name: SNAKE Court
                              Location: Gresham, Oregon
                              Typical climate: Mild and rainy
                              Why: For playing side by side
                                  Pitch name: Unknown
                                  Location: Jordan
                                  Typical climate: Sunny and dry
                                  Why: For leaving your opponent in the dust
                                      Pitch name: Unknown
                                      Location: Iceland
                                      Typical climate: Seasonal
                                      Why: For leaving a legacy
                                          Pitch name: City Stade
                                          Lyon, France
                                          Typical climate:
                                          For squeezing in a kickabout
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