How to Measure Sizes for Soccer Shorts and Leggings

Aug 24, 2023

How to Measure Sizes for Soccer Shorts and Leggings 

The kit can make the soccer player. Perhaps a bit of an overstatement - but, for a moment, imagine trying to make a break for the goal with baggy shorts. You’d have to divide your attention between weaving between the defenders, and stopping your shorts from falling down.

 Every position requires the best-fitting gear, no matter the level of competition you are at— the right sportswear can mean all the difference. 

The right legwear is no exception.. Well-fitting legwear is especially important when you’re the parent of a youth player who is constantly on the grow. If figuring out soccer leggings and shorts measurements is baffling you, this piece will help guide you through the basics.

The importance of legwear sizing

Whether playing competitively or for fun, everyone wants to perform at their highest level. Badly fitted soccer gear can be a major distraction, keeping your mind off the game. Imagine trying to play in soccer shorts or leggings that are cutting off circulation or ready to fall off. It’s not just the fit either. If your soccer leggings aren’t breathing properly, or are made of a material that chafes or itches, there’s no way you’re going to be able to keep your mind on the game. 

For best performance, you want soccer leggings or shorts that you barely notice. That’s not to say that they shouldn’t be noticeable at all. There’s another factor to getting proper fitting legwear that isn’t often discussed - your style. If your legwear fits perfectly, you’ll look great. If you know you look great, you can play with total confidence, unworried about embarrassment, rips or slips. And on the pitch, confidence is often your biggest asset. 

If you do find that your leggings are chafing, it could be because the material is wearing out, or because they weren’t purchased in the right size to begin with. In either case, its important that you get your next purchase right. 

The importance of legwear sizing

Your best friend when it comes to getting the right size of legging is going to be the size chart. It’s rarely a good idea to simply “eyeball it”. You’re not buying a T-shirt at a concert - you’re buying high performance equipment that you’re going to put through some serious motions. You can find our own chart right here.

Fitting chart

Next, you just need to bust out the tape measurer. Trust us, it’s worth the time. When measuring your waist, make sure that you’re going around the most narrow part of your waist. On the other hand, when measuring hips, make sure you’re going for the widest part. When measuring inseams, you want to go from the crotch of your pants down to the very bottom of your leg. Don’t be embarrassed to ask for help! 

After this, it’s just a matter of consulting the chart and cross-referencing to find your size.

You might find that you end up between sizes but if that happens, your best bet is to go closer to what your hip measurement says. This is the most likely way to get as close as possible to the correct fit. But remember, you don’t have to be a slave to the numbers. Your opinion matters too. If you feel more comfortable at a certain level of tightness, feel free to move up or down a size as you see fit. 

Storelli soccer leggings and soccer shorts

For many players, figuring out how to measure soccer pants, short and leggings will take a few attempts. They’re going to find the perfect size - only to discover that they can’t fit their shin guards in with their pants, or that their leggings start to fray and loosen after use.

But Storelli wearers never have to worry about these kinds of fit issues. Our soccer shorts and soccer leggings come with designed pockets to slide in knee and shin guards, and are designed specifically to fit them. They’re also tear resistant, standing up to the most abrasive slide and dives. When you get a well-fitted piece of Storelli gear, it’s going to stay well-fitted. So make sure to start getting your measurements for storelli soccer leggings today! 


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