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ExoShield Head Guard

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The most protective 5-star ASTM-certified headgear in soccer, our ExoShield Head Guard is the only product shown to statistically reduce the risk of head injuries in a recent multi-year independent study.*

According to the Virginia Tech Helmet Lab, this protective headgear lowers the rate of head injuries by as much as 84%. Provides comfort and safety for players of all ages and backgrounds.

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  •  ; Size chart for the Storelli Exoshield Head Guard: the best, most protective and comfortable soccer headgear / soccer helmet / soccer headband that protects against head injuries and is estimated by Virginia Tech to reduce concussions


    Protects thousands of players from cuts, bruises and contusions with its 8oz ultra-light, minimalist design that conforms to the head without affecting style of play and accommodating all hairstyles comfortably.

    The ExoShield is powered by 9-12mm of Team Wendy Zorbium® foam, the same military-grade lining used in the helmets of US Army, Navy and Special Forces.

    The official headgear of US Club Soccer

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    Key Features

    • ASTM Certified
      Compliant with ASTM, NFHS and FIFA Rule-4 standards
    • Impact Resistant
      Foam is engineered specially for soccer to reduce g-forces to the head by up to 50%
    • Military Grade
      Team Wendy® Zorbium® Foam armors the helmets of the U.S. Army, Navy and Marine Corps
    • 5-Star Rating
      Awarded top rank from Virginia Tech's Helmet Lab with an estimated 84% reduction in risk of head injuries


    In a 2-year field study funded by NOCSAE and run by University of Wisconsin Madison with ~3,000 high school soccer players, the Storelli's ExoShield Head Guard reduced the relative risk of concussions by ~50% overall and 60% in females specifically (97-98% risk ratio statistical confidence). Of all the products included in the study, the ExoShield Head Guard was the only product to show any statistically significant benefits.

    To access the relevant data, click HERE for the product-level results and HERE for the broader paper. To read a blog post covering the data on soccer headgear (and open questions), click HERE

    The study above represents the largest field study ever conducted on the topic. While the results achieved by the Storelli ExoShield Head Guard are highly encouraging, Storelli believes more research should be conducted to solidify the industry's understanding of the value of headgear. For this reason, we are working to ensure more research is conducted.

    In addition, Storelli cares to emphasize that while top-quality headgear may indeed prove to reduce the relative risk of concussions, it will never fully abate risks. For example, a player may suffer a concussion after a hit to a part of the face not covered by headgear, or the impact may be too strong to be sufficiently absorbed by the protection. We believe we are making positive steps in the right direction, but it's important to understand the limitations of what head protection can do, and the need for more and deeper data analysis.


    The Head Guard is designed to reduce the risks of cuts and impact to head during participation in soccer, but cannot and does not prevent all risk of head injuries. Participation in soccer and other sports exposes the participant to the risk of injuries, and participation in such sports implies acceptance of such risk.

    No helmet, head gear or head protection device can prevent all head, neck or facial injuries. A user may sustain head injuries (which may include concussions or other brain-related injuries) notwithstanding his or her use of the Head Guard, and there are areas of the head and face that are not covered or protected by the Head Guard. In addition, for maximum performance, the Head Guard must be sized and fitted properly, and replaced promptly if fit loosens over time or falls off during participation in soccer or other sports.

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    Kelley Q.
    United States United States
    • Player Gender Female
    • Player Age 15
    • Player Height and Weight 105lb 5’2
    • Size purchased 3

    A must for soccer!

    My day had two previous concussions. This head guard was a must! She played an entire season with it. It blended seamlessly with her uniform. Looked like a sweatband.

    Storelli ExoShield Head Guard Review
    United States United States
    • Player Gender Male
    • Player Age 12
    • Player Height and Weight 5’4”, 105 lbs
    • Size purchased 5

    Great protection

    My son has played soccer since he was 5 and has had one concussion. One day after he got his new head guard he took a pretty good ball to his head. He walked away with broken glasses but no signs of concussion. We are glad we can have an extra layer of protection as he grows and plays more competitively

    Simon A.
    Canada Canada
    • Player Gender Male
    • Player Age 24
    • Player Height and Weight 6 ft 0, 170
    • Size purchased 6

    Its has been good pretty comfortable. My only concern is that its size 6 and its still slightly small. I do have a big head but ive never thought its up there with the biggest

    Eugene M.
    Ireland Ireland
    • Player Gender Male
    • Player Age 27
    • Player Height and Weight Height: 6 ft 3 inches. Weight: 90kg
    • Size purchased L or XL

    Great product

    Great for sports protection

    Claude F.
    Canada Canada
    • Player Gender Female
    • Player Age 72
    • Player Height and Weight 1,50 meter, 55 kg
    • Size purchased 5

    Wish list for the ExoShield Head Guard in figure skating competitions.

    Hello. In response to your request, I would like to provide the following comments. My wife competes in international figure skating. Recently, she fell and suffered a concussion. This is the reason for this purchase. In our opinion, the rear part which protects the occiput does not descend low enough at the level of the protection and would benefit from being lengthened and thickened. So, she bought 2 of those protectors to provide this extended pritection by adding a part of the secont one to the first one... For the rest, everything seems to meet our expectations. My wife will certainly "decorate" this protection to make it more feminine and visually acceptable. Keep up the good work.

    Storelli ExoShield Head Guard ReviewStorelli ExoShield Head Guard ReviewStorelli ExoShield Head Guard Review
    Rosalin G.
    United States United States
    • Player Gender Male
    • Player Age 16
    • Player Height and Weight 5’10
    • Size purchased Large


    Very happy with purchase. My son is a soccer goalie. And we purchased because he got a concussion being hit in the head. He was in a similar situation after purchasing the head gear and received some kick to the head and wasn’t hurt at s as Lo wearing this item. Glad we purchased and very happy with product.

    Sydnee S.
    United States United States
    • Player Gender Male
    • Player Age 13
    • Player Height and Weight 5'3" and 115
    • Size purchased 3

    Best product to keep my Keeper safe!

    As a parent, there is nothing more settling, than knowing your child is safe. The ExoShield Head Guard keeps my boy in the game and protects him from the risk of concussion. I wish more parents took advantage of this product. We tell all of our teammates about it!

    doug z.
    United States United States
    • Player Gender Male
    • Player Age 50
    • Player Height and Weight 5’11”
    • Size purchased 6


    Love it so far. Fits well and I feel secure on the field. Well made and durable product.

    Wayne K.
    United States United States
    • Player Gender Male
    • Player Age 15
    • Player Height and Weight 6'1" 180lbs
    • Size purchased 6

    It may have saved me from getting a concussion

    My parents made wear it, but after I got kneed in the back of the head, I wear it all of the time. https://www.instagram.com/p/CAs33qOnY2J/

    Jennifer O.
    United States United States
    • Player Gender Male
    • Player Age 9
    • Player Height and Weight “4”9
    • Size purchased 4

    Exosheild Head Guard

    It is wonderful.... fits great and Eli doesn’t mind wearing it.

    Elizabeth L.
    United States United States
    • Player Gender Female
    • Player Age 16
    • Player Height and Weight 5'5", 134
    • Size purchased 3

    Still great, year after year

    Awesome! The head guard protects me without restricting my game.

    jorge g.

    Da seguridad como padre

    Soy papá de portero y me siento más seguro de que mi hijo de 10 años está protegido con los productos storelli. Tiene absolutamente todos los productos Storelli, con excepción de los guantes y le da mucha seguridad. Son de buena calidad, duraderos, tiene la libra de arriba con protección de arquero desde hace 2.5 años y la sigue usando, es garantizada la calidad. Los pants son igual de duraderos, protegen muchísimo y les da certeza a la hora de estar jugando en el campo.

    Jackie K.

    Order a smaller size

    I read tons of reviews prior to purchasing the headband. Most of them said that the headband ran large and that many people had to buy a smaller size. My son's head measured 22.5" which was at the top of a size 5 and the bottom of a size 6. He also has thick hair. So, I thought surely the size 5 would work. After 1 training session he said it was falling in his eyes the whole time. I then purchased a size 4 which was initially really tough for him to get on, but he says it's perfect once he starts sweating. The sizing is way off. Again, 22.5" head size should order a size 4 headband.


    Love this thing!

    Love it! So comfy for my 9year old keeper! Gives a little more peace of mind during tough games.

    Stacee R.

    Get this now!

    Super helpful! Should have had this all along!


    works well

    When I first put it one it was very tight and I was going to return it. But after wearing it fit fine and I forgot that I was wearing it. Maybe the heat/sweat changed the shape of it.