The Storelli Difference: How We Differ from Other Brands

May 8, 2023

For soccer players looking for the best brand, check out why Storelli is your greatest option. We’re a top choice for soccer gear according to many customers and sources. Let’s explore why.

Storelli’s unique value proposition

Storelli is the only brand dedicated to soccer protection from head to toe, notably the head. The goal is to enable any soccer player—youth, junior, professional, women, and men—to play the game passionately without the risks of injury being so high.

Storelli was founded by three men: Claudio Storelli, an Italian soccer player who experienced the same hardships as other soccer players; Dr. Jing Liang, a Ph.D. in biophysics, and Tom Marchesi, an action sports industrial designer. There are many other valuable members of the Storelli team over the years, all working toward creating soccer gear that performs well and looks and feels good.

Unlike other sports gear brands, Storelli isn’t on board with encouraging soccer players to throw away quality gear to purchase the newest round of releases. The point is, we develop gear that lasts a few years before a new purchase is necessary. We also strive to keep prices manageable as we serve parents of young, casual players all the way to professional soccer players who are paid to play.

With that mindset, the products we offer are meant to last and apply from practice to pitch. We believe in the simplicity of design and products that last throughout the years.

Storelli headgear and insoles in the media


One of the main reasons Storelli is so widely appreciated is our headgear soccer equipment that protects players from the high rates of concussion in the sport. While not required in-game, many professionals are beginning to adopt Storelli headgear to protect themselves from future injuries or better protect themselves after already suffering a head injury.

The Storelli ExoShield outperforms other brands with only a 2.5 percent sport-related concussion rate. Further renowned for our headgear products, this source outlines why they perform so well. We outline the points for you below:

  • The ExoShield outperforms other head guards by 182 percent as it reduces the force of impact by up to 59 percent.
  • This head guard uses the same foam used in U.S. military helmets for ultimate protection.
  • The product is made of moisture-wicking fabric to ensure players can perform undisrupted.
  • The padding features PORON XRD technology for breathability, flexibility, and impact protection.
  • Microban antimicrobial protection keeps the head guard from growing mold, bacteria, and mildew.
  • It’s an innovative product with technology that has never before been used in protective soccer gear.

The benefits of the ExoShield head guard have also entered the professional ranks. Manchester United’s Wayne Rooney wore the ExoShield after having sustained a head injury that started a trend for professional soccer players. More and more are wearing this soccer equipment and other protective soccer goalie gear to keep safe in the game.

SpeedGrip Insoles

Aside from headgear, Storelli offers other soccer gear to enhance the safety of the players, one of which is SpeedGrip Insoles, meant to add traction in the cleat to keep the foot from shifting and sliding, which could lead to ankle fractures, falls, or simple uncontrolled play.

These insoles create 50 percent more grip than other insoles, whether they’re wet or dry. Compared to other brands, Storelli’s SpeedGrip Insoles produced much better traction and grip, both keeping the feet and ankles safe, as well as boosting the player’s confidence.

We’ve also recently released SpeedGrip socks to meet the same needs. They can be worn on their own or over another pair of socks, but the perks remain the same.

Other Storelli soccer equipment

We continue to create products with soccer player safety and performance in mind, using the best technology and materials available. While our headgear has been making waves, there are other products to consider as well for full-body protection. Start browsing now.

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