Pick Your Slider: How to Decide Which Storelli Slider is Right for You

Aug 3, 2018

As the new season approaches, we find ourselves online and in-store, deciding what boots and training gear to wear, but often overlook the need for a slider that matches our performance demands.

Whether you are a keeper, midfield general, attacking maestro, or hard-nosed defensive player, we have you covered.

Take your game to the next level with the perfect base layer slider. 

BodyShield Turf Burn Sliders 

No player enjoys the burn of a fresh "raspberry". That’s how the BodyShield Turf Burn Slider was born.

We designed these sliders with stretchy anti-abrasion panels to prevent athletes from lower body friction and turf burns on a multitude of surfaces such as turf, futsal courts and hardwood. 

It's time to bring slide tackles back. 

BodyShield Impact Sliders

For the 50-50 challenge, dives, and slides.

The BodyShield Impact Slider, designed for field players and goalkeepers, boasts a thin layer of foam on the hips and thighs capable of absorbing up to 90% of impact.

Get stuck in.

BodyShield GK Sliders

These are for keepers.

The BodyShield GK Slider is ergonomically designed with heavy-duty thigh and tailbone padding to provide hard-core impact and turf burn protection for both training and match day.

Dive without hesitation, leave without injury.

Check out the full slider lineup starting at $39.99



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