Pick Your Gloves: Which Storelli Gladiator Fits Your Style of Play

Nov 12, 2018

Goalkeepers know that gloves are the most personal and important part of their kit. However,  choosing the right glove for your needs isn’t always so straight forward.

Should you get a flat cut? Negative cut? Hybrid cut? What about finger saves? How thick should your latex be? Ugh!

Don’t worry. It sounds complex, but we created a breakdown of each of our gloves to help you identify the one best suited for your needs, and at the bottom we included a list of definitions for all of the technical terms that may sound unfamiliar.

Challenger - Starter Glove
Perfect for beginners and youth players, the Challenger offers protection and durability for keepers in the early stages of their soccer career.

Its palm features a “ flat cut” (see definitions below) with 4mm of cushioning foam + 3mm of latex for grip. The combined 7mm of padding, takes the sting away from hard shots and holds up to turf and dirt. Protective spines in four fingers (thumb excluded) prevent bending and jamming, while allowing a full range of motion.

The Challenger is also available without finger spines to offer more mobility and freedom.

Elite - Intermediate and Training
With 5-finger protection, the Elite is popular among developing players for training and match days. The best value glove, it is the best glove on the market at the intermediate level.

Like the Challenger, it features a “flat cut” (see definitions below) but with a “roll thumb” (see definitions below) for extra grip. With 4mm of premium Storelli latex on the palm the Elite has more grip than the Challenger, while maintaining durability.

The Elite is also available without finger spines for GK’s preferring more freedom.

Pro - Advanced Level
Boasting 4mm of the highest-grade German Latex (backed by 4mm of cushioning foam), the Pro is the go-to glove for experienced players for its robust design and unmatched grip.

Individually removable finger spines allow goalkeepers to customize protection (e.g., keep the spines in all fingers or only the ones you are most concerned about).

Reinforced punch zones enhance durability and confidence on those tough crosses. The Pro’s “negative cut” (see definitions below) makes for a tighter and more responsive fit. Technique and glove care are crucial for this level of glove.

For GK’s that know their needs, the Pro is also available without finger spines.


Legend - Professional Performance
Engineered for advanced keepers playing at the next level, the Legend is the best on the market.

Covered with 4mm of highest-grade German latex (also backed by 4mm of cushioning foam), the form-fitting, “hybrid cut” (see definitions below), and signature flex zone on the backhand make the fit unparalleled.

Our proprietary spiral wrist strap adds stability and support by tightly securing the wrist area. Individually removable finger spines allow for customization of protection.

As with the Pro, technique and glove care is paramount.



Key Definitions

Flat cut:
The traditional GK glove design, where the palm is constructed from a flat piece of foam/latex material. The fit is looser on the hand, which allows for more movement/growth.

Negative cut:
A Glove cut where the fingers are reverse-sewn from inside. This allows for a tighter fit and more control.

Hybrid cut:
Any GK glove that uses a combination of different cuts.

Roll Thumb:
An aspect of glove design, where the sid of the thumb extends(rolls) around and stitched at the back. This gives the thumb area a tighter fit and more control.

Finger Spines:
Protective, flexible splints positioned behind the fingers to protect against jamming and bending.

Punch Zone:
The area around the knuckles, used for punching away lobbed shots and crosses.

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